Never Give Up

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

...Life Goes On

Sorry I have been gone, things start looking up for us and then you hit rock bottom again. Last month we received some news that no parent wants to hear, our daughter may have autism. She has an evaluation later this month and since her initial evaluation, she has started speech therapy once a week. She was diagnosed with apraxia of speech and she is doing amazing on the program they started a few weeks ago. I feel like things were just starting to get better with my husband. He has started weekly therapy appointments and things were feeling "normal". Our county also has a special education class that is part of the public school system. We are going in later this month to see if she is eligible for the classes they offer. I would hate to see her go to school so early, but I know it would be the best thing for her.

Right now we are working on learning her all over again, she is an amazing and such a smart brilliant little girl. She knows her ABC's and 123's. She has also started writing her name, even though she has never said her name before. 

Also, the other night while we were turning out her lights for bed, she said the most amazing sentence that I have been waiting to hear for my whole life, "I love you MOMMY!". Yes I cried and kept asking her to tell me she loved me again and again until she finally said "Mommy, I night-night".

I love her so much!

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