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Thursday, April 26, 2012

SI6 Day Two

This morning I woke up feeling amazing, although I was sore. I really want to include working out in my morning and night time routine. So I got up this morning and started my day of with Debbie! This time I stopped twice, once was for water. (which I got in about 10 glasses today, go me!)

The whole day today I was pretty sore, but still feeling great! I kept thinking about working out and kept on track with my eating habits. My husband has been really good at supporting me, this evening I was going to have sweet tea (yeah I'm a southern girl) with my dinner. He asked me if I was sure, did I really want it. I didn't, so I passed. Another step to the new me, I have to remind myself I am not on a diet. This is my new lifestyle. I have started asking myself with each thing that I put into my mouth, 'am I hungry and is this healthy?'. That has really helped me these past few days. My cravings have been really strong.  

Tonight, I did round three of Slim in 6. This time it wasn't as hard but I am still sore. When I walk I feel the burn...the burn is nice. It reminds me about eating healthy foods and why I want to do this. I kinda like it.

Depending on how I am feeling in the morning, I am laying here and my body is screaming at me, I might do it again in the morning.

68 pounds to go

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To Be Continued...

Well, here are my before pictures. I am so embarrassed about how I look its worse than I thought. When I went to take these pictures I was looking for shorts that fit me and I couldn't find one pair. I still cant believe that I am posting these pictures for the world to see, but I know it will help me. Keep me accountable, I want to show off my after picture!

April 25, 2012
198 pounds 
Jean size: 16

Goal for March 23, 2012- 185
Goal for April 18, 2013- 130

68 pounds to go

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

SI6 Day One

Tuesday evening, after the kids went to bed, I did my first workout. It wasn't easy since I am so out of shape, but it felt amazing. This morning I was very sore, but I wanted more. I really like Slim in 6, Debbie made it very easy to follow along with all the moves. She explains things very well and tells you that its okay if you can't do it all, just keep moving and do what you can. I only stopped once because my husband pressed rewind...but I decided to just do that minute over again.

Normally during a workout if it got tough or I got tired I would stop. I am glad I forced myself to pushed through.

I want this, I WILL do this! 

68 pounds to go...

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's Here!

My Slim in 6 arrived! 
 This morning this was dropped off on our door step...

Decide. Commit. Succeed.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

My Two-Year-Old and the ABC's

So my two year old is learning her letters, so far she has been doing really well! Today she learned two more, "O" and "S".


We have this Melissa and Doug talking alphabet puzzle. Miss A loves it and she knows which pieces go where.

Did I mention she just turned two in January?

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My sister and brother-in-law come over for Sunday dinner every week. Most of the time we have chicken, burgers on the grill, or pizza. Tonight the food of choice was pizza. I like pizza, its a favorite in almost every house. I was good and I had a salad instead. It felt so good to rise above my craving, with help from my husband! He knows how badly I want this and keeps me on track. Thank God for a supportive husband!

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day Three

So far things have been going pretty well, I haven't had anything junk food related and have been keeping on the correct serving sizes. I am not really feeling hungry, so that is good. Right now I am just doing light stuff; jumping jacks, lunges and jump roping. My husband ordered Slim in 6 for me on my birthday, so that should be in by Wednesday. Even though I am not doing anything "hardcore" yet, I am still feeling pretty good about myself. I will post a before picture the day that I start SI6.

I WILL do this!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Meet the Family

So my little family of four is pretty entertaining. I am sure you will enjoy getting to know us all. Due to creepers and my husbands career choice we will keep our names off the blog. You can know me as J. I enjoy crafts, sewing, gardening, couponing and cooking. I am the mother of two wonderful kids and the wife to a pretty awesome husband.

Here is our little princess, who will go by A. She just recently turned two years old and is such a daddy's girl who loves to run around the house in heels while pushing her baby stroller. Although she loves going outside to play, and water her flowers. She loves nature but hates to get her hands dirty. I will say she is a little OCD like her father. She cleans up after herself and has to have everything in its designated place. She also does the dishes after dinner, without being asked. We are so blessed to have her in our lives.

Then there is little man or as you guys will know him by E. He was born this January. He is our little warrior and had a hard start in life. He was born at 36 weeks and ended up in the NICU for nine days because his lungs were immature. He has forever changed our take on life. He loves his bumbo and bath time. He is mommies little cuddle buddy, I really hope he turns out to be a mommas boy.

Now there is my husband who will go by R. Due to his future job choice he would like to remain anonymous and not have his face posted on the internet. A little about us, I met him in 2008 fell high over heels for this amazing man and we were married in January 2009 on the beach, in Hawaii. He was a Marine back then but decided to get out and start the path of a new career. His career of choice would be a police officer and he is working on meeting that goal.

There you go, and welcome to our crazy corner of the world wide web!

*Photo credit goes to Becca Bond Photography.

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...and we're off

For my birthday this year I wanted to give myself and my family something that will, hopefully, last a lifetime. A "new" mother and wife. My goal is to lose sixty pounds by this day next year. I want my children to have healthy eating habits and a more active mother.

So get ready for a lot of weight loss updates, recipes and getting to know my family of four! 

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