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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Meet the Family

So my little family of four is pretty entertaining. I am sure you will enjoy getting to know us all. Due to creepers and my husbands career choice we will keep our names off the blog. You can know me as J. I enjoy crafts, sewing, gardening, couponing and cooking. I am the mother of two wonderful kids and the wife to a pretty awesome husband.

Here is our little princess, who will go by A. She just recently turned two years old and is such a daddy's girl who loves to run around the house in heels while pushing her baby stroller. Although she loves going outside to play, and water her flowers. She loves nature but hates to get her hands dirty. I will say she is a little OCD like her father. She cleans up after herself and has to have everything in its designated place. She also does the dishes after dinner, without being asked. We are so blessed to have her in our lives.

Then there is little man or as you guys will know him by E. He was born this January. He is our little warrior and had a hard start in life. He was born at 36 weeks and ended up in the NICU for nine days because his lungs were immature. He has forever changed our take on life. He loves his bumbo and bath time. He is mommies little cuddle buddy, I really hope he turns out to be a mommas boy.

Now there is my husband who will go by R. Due to his future job choice he would like to remain anonymous and not have his face posted on the internet. A little about us, I met him in 2008 fell high over heels for this amazing man and we were married in January 2009 on the beach, in Hawaii. He was a Marine back then but decided to get out and start the path of a new career. His career of choice would be a police officer and he is working on meeting that goal.

There you go, and welcome to our crazy corner of the world wide web!

*Photo credit goes to Becca Bond Photography.

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