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Thursday, April 26, 2012

SI6 Day Two

This morning I woke up feeling amazing, although I was sore. I really want to include working out in my morning and night time routine. So I got up this morning and started my day of with Debbie! This time I stopped twice, once was for water. (which I got in about 10 glasses today, go me!)

The whole day today I was pretty sore, but still feeling great! I kept thinking about working out and kept on track with my eating habits. My husband has been really good at supporting me, this evening I was going to have sweet tea (yeah I'm a southern girl) with my dinner. He asked me if I was sure, did I really want it. I didn't, so I passed. Another step to the new me, I have to remind myself I am not on a diet. This is my new lifestyle. I have started asking myself with each thing that I put into my mouth, 'am I hungry and is this healthy?'. That has really helped me these past few days. My cravings have been really strong.  

Tonight, I did round three of Slim in 6. This time it wasn't as hard but I am still sore. When I walk I feel the burn...the burn is nice. It reminds me about eating healthy foods and why I want to do this. I kinda like it.

Depending on how I am feeling in the morning, I am laying here and my body is screaming at me, I might do it again in the morning.

68 pounds to go

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