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Friday, August 24, 2012


Well, we've moved and are almost settled. Just a few more boxes that we need to unpack. We don't have internet yet, we have to get it before the hubster goes to school in two weeks, but for now we are using our phones. Cell phone service isn't very good where we are so I can't write as much as I wish. I hate not having internet, all of my recipes are on pinterest and it takes 30 minutes to load a page...i think we will end up getting a new service provider. I can't bring myself to pay close to $140 bucks for phones we can't use!

Anyways, the McDonalds about a mile down the road has free WiFi so maybe I will walk over there to to post?

Here are a few things that has happened...
Little man has started full on crawling,  right in the middle of the move. He was crawling a little but he is speed crawling now!
Little Man has also gotten TWO teeth! I think he may be cutting another, he slept horribly last night. He was up every two or three hours. He is also spitting up a lot more than his normal so I think the doctor is going to need to adjust his medication. Poor thing.
Miss A knows her numbers and counts to five, she is also doing a really good job with her letters and is practicing writing (tracing) them.

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