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Friday, August 3, 2012

We Found a Townhouse!

We have FINALLY found our home for the next two years, it's an amazing three bedroom townhouse with a large kitchen and living room. We hope to move in by the middle of the month. The hubby is starting school next month is it already August??, so we hope to be settled in by then. Our new place is located right off the start of a 14 mile bike trail, perfect for the training that I have to start do. The Color Run is coming up fast and I need to get this butt into gear!

Turbo Fire isn't going as well as I hoped it would, I think its a combination of all the stress and not eating as healthy as I would like. I haven't lost much weight, 6 pounds total, and I am not really happy with that. I love this program though, that is why I am saying its the stress. I feel it working but I am not seeing results like I hoped I would see by now. I am very disappointed in myself but I will keep pushing through to the end. Hopefully once we move things will get better and we can get back into a normal routine.

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