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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Week One of SI6

Tuesday I completed week one of Slim in 6, over all I like the program. Sticking with the food guide hasn't been difficult. They don't tell you what to eat each day, just give you different categories and tell you to each a certain amount from each category a day. They do have a week cleanse to do, but I haven't done it yet. Mainly because of energy, I want to be able to work out to my full potential. With two kids you dont get much sleep at night, and my son still wakes up a few times at night to eat. 

I have been working out twice a day, when I was doing Start it Up! (phase one) I was doing that twice a day. I started incorporating the two bonus programs, Slim and 6-pack and Slim and Limber, a few days ago. Currently I am doing phase two, Ramp it Up!, in the morning and then Slim and 6-pack at night. I don't want to over work myself, my left forearm was very sore this morning. Its starting to feel better this evening but having a four month old who doesn't want to be put down, isn't making it feel much better. My moby wrap got a lot of use today, really good on those days when I am really sore.

My work out buddy in the mornings.

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