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Friday, June 29, 2012


I just made a 90 day commitment, my husband purchased TurboFire for me this evening. I am so excited to start a new program. I originally was going to do Insanity but my sister and her husband are moving next week, so I went with the program that a few others are starting in one of my support groups. I still want to do BBL and try shakeology, but right now I am going to have to stick with TF. Which I am perfectly fine with. I need something more challenging, dont get me wrong SI6 wasn't easy when I was starting off but it was just getting boring. I got the the third phase in a few weeks and I need to switch it up a little. I also need to get motivated again. Since we have been home, I havent been getting back into my old routine like I wish. I am not eating as healthy as I could and I am not really doing much working out. I want to I just have no motivation so hopefully this will change that. If I am still feeling the way I am now, then it has.

Have you finished TurboFire? I would love to see results, it helps my motivation.

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