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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Weigh-in Wednesday

Each Wednesday I am going to post an update on my progress for the week, I saw it on another blog. But I thought I would add in pictures. So I can see the difference through out the weeks. Nothing noticeable yet, but I am already feeling so much better!

This week I lost four pounds, which brings me to 194

I also started phase two of Slim in 6 today! I did it once a few days ago but it was so difficult so I switched back to phase one, tonight it was still hard but I managed to complete it! I was also able to squeeze into my old jeans that are size 14. They were a little snug but I not super uncomfortable like the were the last time I squeezed into them. I'm still keeping on track with my eating. I did have half a waffle the other day for dinner. My parents made breakfast for dinner on Sunday night. I made up for it a little, that was the day I did phase two and almost died.

Goal for March 23, 2012- 185
Goal for April 18, 2013- 130
Total lost- 4 pounds

64 pounds to go

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