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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Weigh-In Wednesday

So, where do I start...? 

Last Friday little miss decided she wanted to be an escape artist and climb out of her crib so I didn't get to work out that evening because we took my workout time to switch her to her toddler bed. She only cried for 15 minutes or so but that was still exhausting. Saturday night E wasn't feeling really well and stayed up until midnight, didn't get to work out that day either. Sunday evening my daughter got sick so we were snuggling with her for majority of the night, I was exhausted the next morning so no workout then either.

Not working out made me feel kinda depressed it was always in the back of my mind but I knew that my family needed me more, plus I was so exhausted from the lack of sleep. Monday evening I FINALLY got to spend time with Debbie, I felt more energetic Tuesday and I slept a whole lot better. I think it was good that I took a little break, I felt like I was able to workout harder and push through the pain. I wasn't as sore and things felt a little easier than they did Friday morning. Even though I took three days off, I still ended up losing weight and inches!

This week I lost FIVE POUNDS, bringing my weight to 189!
I still can't believe I am already in the 180's??

That is a total weight loss of NINE pounds in two weeks!

This fat is just melting off, I have already lost almost two inches from my hips, an inch off my chest, an inch off both of my arms, an inch on my right thigh and two inches off my left!
I am AMAZED, no wonder why I can fit into my size 14 jeans already!  
I have to admit, I am very surprised I have had this amazing of results already. I did "cheat" on my "diet" (this is a new lifestyle, NOT a diet...but I am following Debbie's diet, so we will call it a diet.) twice, I had some chocolate one day and this evening we had some chicken wings and bread for dinner this evening. I am kinda disappointed in myself but every now and then a girl needs her chocolate.  Plus, not working out for two weeks. I basically just maintained my portion sizes and drink A LOT of water. Next week I am planning on doing a cleanse, more on that later this week. If you have done one and got good results, please share!  

My Beachbody goal tracker, it feels so good to see a two digit number!

Goal for March 23, 2012- 185
Goal for April 18, 2013- 130
Total lost- 9 pounds


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